RDB: Review of Rhetoric by Orphan Barrel

February 2, 2016

IMG_3163.jpgThe RDB train is rolling back into town a-snortin'-and-a-fussin'!  On this exciting episode we review a really really really really old bourbon, Rhetoric by Orphan Barrel 20yr.  Daryll Campball from Liquor Store comes back to chat about business and where he sees the industry trends heading.  Dusty concocts a cocktail loosely called the "carmel apple sucker".  This and much more from Dusty & Wayne!


RDB - Japan Edition - Evan Williams & Four Roses Review

December 25, 2015

IMG_2269.jpgIts the Holidays, and Dusty & Wayne have a special Japanese Edition for a gift. Hot Rod returns to the show with some selections from both Evan Williams and Four Roses for review.  An additional guest barges into the show, Bill Clemson who has never listened to the podcast, very interesting.  Wayne wraps things up with an all Japanese QUICKDRAW!  Merry Christmas


RDB: Old Scout Review - Blind Challenge

December 16, 2015

IMG_1909.jpgIt's been a while but Wayne and Dusty return with the second installment of the "Bottom Shelf Blind Challenge!" and you may be surprised at who prevails.  Lawrence Rainwater joins us as a special guest from the Bourbon Society to talk shop, he also brings a special selection from Smooth Ambler, the Old Scout 9yr.  Wayne talks briefly about his escapades squirrel hunting and more.....


RDB: Magic w/ Bourbon!

November 5, 2015

IMG_1001.jpgHocus Pocus.....Abracadabra!! On this very special episode of Revue de Bourbon Dusty and Wayne explore the wild wonders of Magic! We know this isn't a magic podcast but take and listen and you will find out why. The featured bourbon of review is the first "dusty", an old airplane bottle that was found from the 70's, Antique Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  We also provide some tips on how to most efficiently drink in an airport.  Finally Wayne is put to the test in yet another Quickdraw, this is an epsidoe not to miss!


RDB: E.H. Taylor & Wild Turkey Review - Live from the Urban Bourbon Trail

August 30, 2015

image2.jpgWho likes bourbon???............  If you raised your hand you came to the right place.  On this action-packed episode of Revue de Bourbon we venture to The Bar at Blu Italian Grill in downtown Louisville, which happens to be on the Urban Bourbon Trail.  We decided to take advantage of the vast array of bourbons and ended up reviewing three offerings from both E.H.Taylor and Wild Turkey.  We are also joined by the country/bluegrass band Hickory to liven things up a bit.  Bartender Matt from Blu joins us to talk a little bit about Wild Turkey and today's trends.  Lastly you get to hear Wayne talk about his favorite distillery......... which one is it?


RDB: Wheat Bourbon Review LIVE @ Down One Bourbon Bar

August 6, 2015

image1.jpgWe are coming at you LIVE from Down One Bourbon Bar in downtown Louisville on the Urban Bourbon Trail.  On this episode we review wheat bourbons with a focus on a couple offerings from Old Fitzgerald.  Accomplished cocktail-master/enthusiast/pyromaniac and manager Beth Burrows joins us to talk about what she's doing to push the boundries of bourbon in cocktails, as well as what's happening in the wonderful world of bourbon.  Our featured cocktail is specifically designed for a milder wheat bourbon named "Lost Thyme".  Let's go trail-blazin'!


RDB: Jefferson’s Bourbon Review

July 1, 2015

IMG_1640.jpgDid you know Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, has 13 skylights? Want to learn more about our 3rd President and have fun with bourbon?........ You came to the right spot! On this fact-filled episode of Revue de Bourboon Wayne & Dusty share their honest thoughts on three selections from the good folks at Jefferson's Bourbon.  Brian calls into the show as our very first guest caller....... it may also be the last.  Wayne wraps up the show with his presidential knowledge in a bang-up round of "Quickdraw!"   



RDB: Basil Hayden Review

June 2, 2015

IMG_1328.jpgMany of you have been asking for a review of Basil Hayden, here we go!  On this episode its all about the Basil.  Wayne spits some mad Basil Hayden history and fun facts!  Dusty mixes up a cocktail called the Murphy St. Raspa 2.0 using our featured bourbon.  Then to finish things up we play a spirited round of "Quickdraw!" Hya!


RDB: Jim Beam Bonded / Mid-Best Distillery

March 29, 2015

IMG_0427.jpgOn this episode of Revue de Bourbon Dusty & Wayne review a couple of Jim Beams latest products in the Bonded and Rye market.  We then shift focus to the great state of Missouri where we taste some exciting products from Mid-Best Distillery.  Then Wayne provides us an education in a piece of Missouri history that may or may not be 100% historically accurate. 


RDB - Live at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

March 12, 2015

IMG_0304.jpgRevue de Bourbon is back LIVE from Haymarket Whiskey Bar in downtown Louisville, Ky. On this episode we are tasting some bourbons that you the listeners have asked about.  Some were available, so were not but that did not stop us from having a ye' old time! Hot Rod sits in for Wayne on his birthday, and we get a special guest visit from a biscuit expert. Yum!