RDB: George Dickel - Barrel Select

December 15, 2014

Once again, we are coming to you LIVE, this time from the Tim Faulkner Gallery Art Winterfest! In this episode we speak with an array of different guests ranging from runway models to Amos Filmore.  The featured review of the night is the George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel straight from Tennessee, "Handmade the Hard Way".  We also venture into a tasting of Bulleit Bourbon with a brand ambassador.  Plus musical guests and much more! Make sure you don't miss it, Cheers!

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Revue de Bourbon: LIVE

November 28, 2014

IMG_2159.jpgOn this special Thanksgiving episode of Revue de Bourbon we are coming to you LIVE from Manny & Merle's in downtown Louisville.  Hot Rod is back both as a guest and a performer, we talk about all sorts of things ranging from music, cigars, and of course bourbon.  We also get to chat with a few unexpected guests, so tune in and hear what happens on our first live episode!

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RDB: Four Roses Blind Challenge

October 31, 2014

IMG_1985.jpgOn this spooktacular episode of Revue de Bourbon we blindly review the three main offerings from the Four Roses Distillery.  We discuss Halloween and the festivities that surround it.  The featured cocktail is called the "Kentucky Colonel", a simple soothing libation that will calm the nerves anytime of the year. Finally, Wayne shows off his knowledge of Sam Jackson movies in another titillating edition of "Quickdraw".......... Boo!

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RDB: Brandy

September 11, 2014

IMG_1620.jpgHey.....Hey!........ Now that I have everyones attention, who here likes Brandy?.... No one?..... I don't mean the singer..... still no one?  Well get ready to change your tune because on this episode of RDB will have you whistlin' Brandy-dixie all the way home.

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RDB: Old Charter 8

August 20, 2014

IMG_1496.jpgBoy have we got an episode for you, Old Charter 8 year is the featured bourbon of review.  Wayne shares some great tips on how to keep you lawn looking great through the summer, along with a few grass jokes.  Dusty mixes up a cocktail named the Kentucky Buck, and gives a few impressions of some famous people.  All aboard the Revue de Bourbon Train!!!

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RDB: Old Grand-Dad 114

August 1, 2014

IMG_1322.jpgDusty and Wayne are back with all the bourbon talk you can handle.  First we share our review of the often overlooked Old Gand-Dad 114, the highest proof bourbon in the line of Old Grand-Dads.  Then we shift gears to the topic of age-statements on bottles, or the lack thereof. Finally, to wrap things up Dusty concocts a delicious morning time bourbon drink that is sure to tickle your fancy!

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RDB: Back in the saddle w/ Stagg Jr.

July 17, 2014

IMG_1152.jpgThat's right folks Wayne and Dusty have strapped on their chaps and are once again back in the saddle.  Stagg Jr., the younger version of Georege T. Stagg is the bourbon of choice this episode.  Hear our thoughts on what this unfiltered 128.7 proof bourbon brings to the table.  Dusty also muddles up a fresh summer-time rye whiskey cocktail to keep you cool, healthy, and buzzed.  So come kiddies, saddle up and let Wayne & Dusty take you on a ride through bourbon country!

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RDB: Kentucky Derby Special!

May 2, 2014


Revue de Bourbon is off to the races with a feature look at "Bottled in Bond" Bourbons. Dusty and Wayne get a little extra help from several guests as we talk about the Kentucky Derby.  Hot Rod shares a few hot tips on how to handle yourself at the racetrack.  Wayne explains what you can get with a $15 bill.  Also this episodes Quickdraw is all about James Bond in honor of not only our bonded bourbons, but also the Mint Julep!
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RDB: Wheated Whiskey Challenge

April 12, 2014


Hot  Diggity! On this wholesome episode of Revue de Bourbon we hold a Wheated Whiskey Challenge.  Dusty and Wayne love a good challenge and this one is between several selections from W.L. Weller and Maker's Mark.  We also hold discussion on what we think about "non-still distilleries", or whatever you want to call them.  And............. Back by poplar demand................ Quickdraw!
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RDB: Review of Bone Snapper

March 26, 2014


Chugga chugga chugga.... chugga chugga chugga.... An all new episode of Revue de Bourbon is pulling into town, and boy do we have cargo load of bourbon talk for you!  Bone Snapper Rye is the featured bourbon for tasting, we then test out different fruits to go along with it.  Then we chat about the controversy of Diageo vs. Brown-Forman about Tennessee Whiskey, and Wayne explains the "Lincoln County Process".  Wayne also asks the age old question, "Which came first the color orange or the fruit?' Find out all this and more on this episode of RDB.
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