UA-44559030-1 RDB: Bottom Shelf Blind Challenge

RDB: Bottom Shelf Blind Challenge

July 18, 2016

IMG_9566.jpgDusty & Wayne return once again for the final first round of "Bottom Shelf Blind Bourbon Taste Test Challenge!" That's right, we've blindly tasted 15 bourbons from the bottom shelf or $15 and less.  For this episode we brought in special guest Les Wilhelm, a jack of many trades.  On the menu for tonight's review is Kentucky Tavern, Rebel Yell, and David Nicholson 1843.  We also have a spirited round of "Quickdraw" where Wayne and Les answer some bottom shelf questions, but probably not the kind you're thinking of.  Look out! Revue de Bourbon podcast train is coming through full steam ahead....


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