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Revue de Bourbon Podcast

Revue de Bourbon Podcast - Old Bardstown

February 23, 2018

Pathon.jpgHey, look out! The Revue de Bourbon train is coming in hot to trot! On this episode Dusty & Wayne discuss not one, not two, but three bourbons from the great Kentucky Bourbon Distillers.  The main feature is Old Bardstown coming in at 101 proof, along with a blind tasting of Rowan's Creek and a Willett Family Estate 7yr. Bourbon.  We also take to social media to answer listener questions and things get a little out of hand when Wayne gets a question about tequila. There's train loads of bourbon comin' down them there tracks so hop on, satisfaction guaranteed!

Tasting Notes - Old Bardstown Estate Bottled

Taste - corn husk, burnt sugar, fresh leafy herbs, peanuts

Smell - orange, corny, nectar, vanilla, oily

Sight - light tobacco, bottle leaves a little to be desired, wax covered top is mismatch for the basic unrecognizable label

Touch - medium-firm, like a handshake in a job interview

Sound - early Bonnie Raitt

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