UA-44559030-1 Revue de Bourbon Podcast: George Dickel Review
Revue de Bourbon Podcast

Revue de Bourbon Podcast: George Dickel Review

August 4, 2016

image1.jpgWhat is George Dickel's middle name.....?  Find this out, and much more on this episode of the Revue de Bourbon Podcast!  We have two selections up for review from George Dickel, the Rye Whisky & No. 12 Whisky.  Wayne starts a new segment of the show called, "Wayne Reads Whatever Is On The Bottle!"  Very exciting stuff!  Our featured cocktail is named the Southern Simplicity taken straight from the George Dickel website.  We have a guest in the house named Derrick, and we get personal with Wayne.  You don't want to miss this one!

Tasting Notes - (W)George Dickel No.12 & (R)Rye Whisky

Taste - (w)butterscotch, sawdust, hazlenut                                                 

           (r)lime, gingerbread, late peppery spice

Smell - (w)kettle corn, grilled ribeye

            (r)fresh lemons, western blazer w/tassels, riesens candy

Sight - (w)dirt road in Georgia

           (r)dirt road in Tennessee

Touch - (w)200 grit sandpaper

            (r)180 grit sandpaper

Sound - Merle Haggard

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